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Cole Faso Consulting is dedicated to the sustainability, strength and scalability of small business brand strategies.





Cole­ Faso

founder and CEO of Cole ­Faso Consulting

Courtney holds an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the University of Portland, and has delivered record breaking brand strategies for global brands like Nike as well as lean and innovative local brands. 
Courtney has also taught Marketing at the graduate and undergraduate level at the University of Oregon and the University of Portland. 


brand strategy ethos

Our process is rooted in two basic beliefs:

1. The best strategy starts and ends with people.

2. There is something that you and your team do better than anyone else. 

We approach your brand holistically, placing a high value on the people and processes who drive the soul of your company and seek to define the unique strengths that you and your team possess to create the ultimate value for your customers.

Our work is centered on the idea that when your strengths are leveraged and your internal systems are aligned, your business will be built on a foundation of strength, clarity and scalability that will increase your brand value and your bottom line.



Our Services



Marketing, oh marketing. There are so many paths to follow, but which one is right for you? We will work with you to craft communication, price products and choose outlets that will reach your customers and inspire them to engage with your brand without overwhelming them or you! Sounds great, right?


What does your brand mean to your customers? To your industry? To you? Does it communicate what you want it to? Do your products, services, and marketing communication work together harmoniously to achieve your vision? Believe it or not, brand development is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship with your business and customers.




Perhaps you’re a retail shop and would like to launch your e-commerce business to expand your brand globally, or you see your sales strategy growing into strategic account management as opposed to depending solely on foot traffic. We can create a sustainable sales and growth strategy that’s right for your market and industry.


In order to get where you want to go, you’ve got to have the right people on board. We work with you to develop the roles and responsibilities that your existing and future team needs in order to move your business forward.




See your brand experience through the eyes of your customers. Whether they are navigating your website, social media, or brick and mortar retail, how does that experience impact their perception of who you are? We will work with you to design a customer experience that is thoughtful, strategic, and intentional so the right customers become repeat customers. 

Mission & Vision

In order to get where you’re going, start with the end in mind. We understand it’s easy to get pulled in different directions, but if you know your purpose it will keep you grounded and focused. We have developed an exercise which helps you to create a unique vision and mission for your business and brand.




stop competing.

start creating.

see results.




Courtney Cole-Faso came into my life unexpectedly and we hit it off right away. I
contacted her later to help me improve my small businesses. I had several ideas, but was overwhelmed, not sure where to begin, and couldn’t manage it by myself. She took on the challenge. Our initial meeting was such a relief. She listened to what I wanted to do with my businesses and assured me she could help. By our 2nd meeting she told me where she would like to start, outlined the initial steps, and set up an organized time line. Each meeting afterward we tackled different items on the agenda and made adjustments to allow us to continue toward our goal. After only the first month into our contract I already had positive results. I am very excited to be working with someone who listens, follows through, makes herself available, provides her best advice and direction, but allows you to make the final decisions (your business, your vision). Her approach covers you, your family (since they are your support system), and others if necessary. Her marketing skills are excellent! She is articulate, honest and gets right to the point. I have felt so much better and am less stressed knowing I am on the right track with her ideas and guidance. I actually look forward to our meetings every month because she puts such a positive spin on the process. I highly recommend Courtney to anyone needing help with their business or other endeavors. She will amaze you.
— Suzanne Arkless, Water's Edge

Working with Courtney is a purely professional experience. Eloquent, sharp yet down-to-earth. In the world of Branding, she is an authentic breath of fresh air and the rare kind of consultant that collaborates for the benefit of everyone at the table. Highly recommend her.
— Paul Melo - Creative Director & Professional Photographer


in the news



May 6, 2016

North Kitsap Herald

“One of the reasons Lisa is so successful is because she’s built a level of trust in the community. She is trusted to create public installations that are not only beautiful but structurally sound. It sets her apart as a business woman, an artist and a member of the community.” -Courtney Cole-Faso, Cole-Faso Consulting 



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